Hearts and Minds

The Oriental does not place a similar high value on life as will the inhabitant. Life is reasonable within the Orient. Hearts Associate in Nursingd Minds is an Academy Award winning documentary regarding the Vietnam directed by Peter Davis. The film's title is predicated on a quote from President Lyndon B. Johnson: "the final triumph can rely on the hearts and minds of the those that really live out there". The picture was chosen as Best Feature Documentary at the forty seventh Academy Awards given in 1975.

The film premiered at the 1974 urban center fete. industrial distribution was delayed within the u.  s. because of legal problems, together with a brief restraining order obtained by one in all the interviewees, former National Security consultant Walt Rostow World Health Organization had claimed through his professional person that the film was "somewhat misleading" and "not representative" which he had not been given the chance to approve the results of his interview.

After Columbia photos refused to distribute the image, Bert Schneider and Henry Jaglom purchased back the rights and discharged the film in March 1975 through Warner Bros.

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