Mountain of Ice

In this episode of NOVA, author Anker leads Associate in Nursing expedition to climb the best crown in Antarctica: legal expert geological formation. Anker was joined by author Jon Krakauer, guide Dave Otto Hahn, glaciologist Dan Stone, extreme athlete Saint Andrew the Apostle McLean, star producer Liesl Clark, and a three-person camera crew. This eight-person team survived through powerful winds and extreme temperatures to capture high-definition footage of this largely unknown space of continent.

Their victorious journey in 2001 is compared with different historical makes an attempt to scale the mountain. Mountain of Ice was originally broadcast on PBS Feb eleven, 2003.

NOVA delivers another fantastic show with this Antarctic expedition to at least one of the Seven Summits! Granted, i'm already an enormous fan of star, coupled with after they cowl my favorite topics (mountaineering!) that includes author Anker, Jon Krakauer, Dave Hahn, and various crew, they lug many pounds of substances up a brand new route on the side of legal expert geological formation, which, at a gain of over twelve,000 feet (to a final altitude of sixteen,077 feet,) is not any little task.

"Antarctica has this mythic weight. It resides within the collective unconscious of numerous individuals, and it makes this vast impact, similar to space. It's like about to the moon." thus says Jon Krakauer, noted mountaineer, author of Into nothingness, and member of the eight-person star expedition that summited legal expert, Antarctica's highest peak, by a brand new route in January 2001. In these excerpts from a series of interviews conducted throughout and forthwith when the expedition by star producer Liesl Clark, hear what Krakauer believes distinguishes the White Continent from anyplace else and why he's thus interested in wild places.

This place, to a tremendous extent, is really inaccessible . We're about to an area wherever no one's been before, wherever nobody has set foot. it's a wild and unknown place, and you have got a way of that each time you stick your head out of the tent door.

There's a a part of ME that is sad—as every body World Health Organization will this kind of issue should feel—that on every occasion you head to a brand new place, it is not new any longer. you are victimisation such places up. we tend to attempt to minimize our impact thus people who come back when U.S.A. will not understand that we've been there unless they've examine it or seen the film.

You could say nobody ought to come back here in any respect, however i do not believe that. i feel one in all the explanations continent has been preserved in its near-natural state is individuals have come back here and brought back pictures and stories regarding however superb it's. That, to some extent, has prevented countries from exploiting it for gain (although the most reason that folks haven't done thus, I actually have to admit, is that it's simply too high-ticket and too difficult). We'll leave some little impact, however it'll be microscopic within the massive scale of things.

One of the best joys of being during a place like this is often its unearthly beauty. it is a terribly weird place, and a breathtakingly lovely one. That to ME is maybe the most reason i really like it here. We'll ne'er get to the moon, we'll ne'er get to Mars. this is often as shut as any people area unit about to come back. however it's pretty pass on a way; that's, it's pretty so much faraway from daily life in Colorado or Bean Town or all the places we tend to come back from. and there is real worth in seeing a corner of the planet that throws normal existence on its head.

There is this inexplicable  sense one has of feeling terribly little during this vast and threatening landscape. nonetheless after you desire you are holding your own, there's an incredible satisfaction that comes with this—that you'll be able to address this and you'll be able to appreciate it, that {you just} will survive and prevail if you just approach it with some humility and a few forethought and keep your wits regarding you.

I'm extremely wanting forward to going in this place wherever individuals haven't been and testing ourselves against it and feeling that sense of power. i feel all people try this stuff partially for that sense of enforced  humility, of being created to feel little, very small, {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very vast place. It's exhausting to clarify it, however it is a marvellous feeling.

I think a part of the attractiveness of continent is experiencing some kind of power, the forces of the flora and fauna. you are insulated from them such a lot within the lives we tend to lead within the States, that after you have an opportunity to expertise those forces.... you are simply thrown out here. we've all this high-ticket gear, thus we're not out here naked, however we've loads of opportunities too feel however inconsequential we tend to area unit.

That's ascension. For me, and that i suppose for many people, it's kind of why we're here. you wish to touch that wind and feel that cold. It helps you imagine your house within the theme of things. i do not know; there is nothing rational regarding it. It's why youngsters prefer to splash in puddles or dam creeks or play in waterfalls. It's all a part of that very same attractiveness.

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