Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism is a 2004 moving picture by film producer Robert Greenwald regarding Fox News Channel's and its owner's, publisher, promotion of right views. The film says this bias belies the channel's expression of being "Fair and Balanced".

The documentary had a restricted theatrical unleash, was distributed in videodisc format by the political action committee MoveOn.org, and was oversubscribed on-line through web retailers like Amazon.com. MoveOn.org had helped promote the videodisc unleash by putting off a whole promotional material within the big apple Times.

Following the discharge of Outfoxed, Greenwald and Brave New Films made a connected series of anti-Fox infective agent videos, conjointly entitled Fox Attacks.

In associate degree interview, Greenwald expressed his goal in creating the film: "What we tend to started out to try and do was to indicate that, in fact, the whole Fox News wasn't a news organisation. The goal wasn't simply to alter that narrative however to alter the impact that Fox News typically had on legitimate journalists."

The film examines the worldwide growth of Murdoch's media enterprise within the context of concentration of media possession concerns, and evaluates the impact of getting one person on top of things of an oversized media conglomerate on freedom of the press.

Some of Outfoxed's coverage includes:

1. Review of Fox News's coverage throughout the lead-up to, and also the aftermath of, the 2003 invasion of Al-Iraq.

2. Interviews with former Fox News journalists, discussing incidents wherever Fox News allegedly pressured journalists to slant their reports towards support for the Republican Party.

3. Instances wherever Fox News commentators like Bill O'Reilly intimidate guests with whom they disagree, like author and activist Jeremy Glick.

4. Studies that claim a lot of airtime and coverage is systematically given to Republican politicians, significantly those within the patron saint W. executive, than to Democrats.

5. Examination of whether or not Fox News' premature result-calling of the 2000 presidential election contributed to patron saint W. Bush formally being elective .

6. Scrutiny of Fox News management, together with Murdoch and president Roger Ailes, each conservatives, in allegedly dominant the network's content, and editorial management from Murdoch on down allegedly making certain that stories and problems ar coated and also the powerfully conservative perspective of such coverage.

Former Fox News journalists seem within the film critiquing the ways and perceived integrity of their former leader. Jon Du Pre, a former communicator for Fox News's West Coast bureau, same that he had been suspended by Fox News management as a result of his live shots from the President of the United States Presidential Library on Ronald Reagan's birthday — that Du Pre represented was sort of a "holy day" to Fox News's hierarchy — weren't "celebratory enough." A former Fox News military contributor, Larry C. Johnson, same that he was in high demand to offer on-air analysis on the "War on Terrorism", till he known as into question on Hannity & Colmes whether or not or not the us may fight 2 wars (in Islamic State of Afghanistan and Iraq) at the same time, an occurrence when that Johnson says he was neglected as a possible Fox News contributor.

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