Pink Floyd: The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is that the eighth studio album by the English dance orchestra Pink Floyd, discharged on one March 1973 by Harvest Records. Primarily developed throughout live performances, the band premiered Associate in Nursing early version of the record many months before recording began. The record was planned as Associate in Nursing album that centered on the pressures round-faced by the band throughout their arduous life-style, and addressing the apparent mental state issues suffered by former band member Syd Barrett, WHO departed the cluster in 1968. New material was recorded in 2 sessions in 1972 and 1973 at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The record builds on ideas explored in Pink Floyd's earlier recordings and performances, whereas omitting the extended instrumentals that defined their earlier work. The cluster utilized multitrack recording, tape loops, and analogue synthesisers, as well as experimentation with the EMS VCS three and a Synthi A. Engineer Alan Parsons was liable for several sonic aspects and therefore the accomplishment of singer Clare Torry, WHO seems on "The nice Gig within the Sky".

A concept album, The Dark Side of the Moon explores themes like conflict, greed, time, death and mental state. Snippets from interviews with the band's road crew ar featured aboard philosophical quotations. The sleeve, that depicts a prism spectrum, was styleed by Storm Thorgerson in response to musician Richard Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design, representing the band's lighting and therefore the album's themes. The album was promoted with 2 singles: "Money" and "Us and Them".

The Dark Side of the Moon is among the foremost critically acclaimed records in history, typically that includes on skilled listings of the best albums of all time. The record helped propel Pink Floyd to international fame, conveyance wealth and recognition to any or all four of its members. A blockbuster unharness of the album era, it conjointly propelled record sales throughout the music business throughout the Nineteen Seventies. it's been certified 14× Pt within the uk, and topped  the North American nation hoarding high LPs & Tapes chart, wherever it's charted for 957 weeks in total. With calculable sales of over forty five million copies, it's Pink Floyd's most commercially prospering album, and one in every of the popular albums worldwide. In 2013, it had been hand-picked for preservation within the u.  s. National Recording written record by the Library of Congress for being deemed "culturally, traditionally, or esthetically significant".


Following interfere in 1971, Pink Floyd assembled for a tour of england, Japan and therefore the u.  s. in December of that year. during a band meeting at percussionist Nick Mason's place metropolis, instrumentalist Roger Waters projected that a replacement album may kind a part of the tour. Waters' plan was for Associate in Nursing album that addressed things that "make folks mad", specializing in the pressures related to the band's arduous life-style, and addressing the apparent mental problems suffered by former band member Syd Barrett. The band had explored the same plan with 1969's the person and therefore the Journey. In Associate in Nursing interview for Rolling Stone, player David Gilmour said: "I suppose we tend to all thought – and Roger positively thought – that loads of the lyrics that we tend to had been victimisation were a touch too indirect. There was positively a sense that the words were about to be terribly clear and specific."

For the foremost half, all four members approved of Waters' thought for Associate in Nursing album unified by one theme . Waters, Gilmour, Mason and musician writer participated within the writing and production of the new material, and Waters created the first demo tracks at his Islington place alittle studio inbuilt his garden shed. components of the new album were taken from antecedently unused material; the line of "Breathe" came from Associate in Nursing earlier work by Waters and Ron Geesin, written for the sound recording of The Body, and therefore the basic structure of "Us and Them" borrowed from an inspired composition by Wright for Zabriskie purpose. The band rehearsed at a warehouse in London owned  by the Rolling Stones, and so at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London. They conjointly purchased additional instrumentality, including new speakers, a P.A., a 28-track combination table with a four channel stereo output, and a custom-made  lighting rig. 9 tonnes of kit was transported in 3 lorries; this may be the primary time the band had taken a complete album travel. The album had been given the tentative title of Dark Side of the Moon (an mention to lunacy, instead of astronomy). However, when discovering that title had already been employed by another band, medication Head, it had been briefly modified to Eclipse. The new material premiered at The Dome in urban center, on twenty January 1972, and when the industrial failure of medication Head's album the title was modified back to the band's original preference.

Dark Side of the Moon: a bit for different Lunatics, because it was then famous, was performed within the presence of Associate in Nursing assembled endure seventeen February 1972 – over a year before its unleash – at the Rainbow Theatre, and was critically acclaimed. archangel Wale of the days delineated  the piece as "bringing tears to the eyes. it absolutely was thus utterly understanding and musically questioning." Derek Jewell of The Sunday Times wrote "The ambition of the Floyd's creative intention is currently immense." Melody Maker was less enthusiastic: "Musically, there have been some nice ideas, however the sound effects usually left Maine speculative if i used to be during a bird-cage at London zoological garden." the subsequent tour was praised by the general public. The new material was performed within the same order during which it absolutely was eventually sequenced on the album release; variations enclosed the dearth of synthesisers in tracks like "On the Run", and Clare Torry's vocals on "The nice Gig within the Sky" being replaced by readings from the Bible.

Pink Floyd's protracted tour through Europe and North America gave them the chance to create continual enhancements to the size and quality of their performances. Work on the album was interrupted in late February once the band traveled to France and recorded music for French director piciform bird Schroeder's film La Vallée. They then performed in Japan and came back to France in March to finish work on the film. once a series of dates in North America, the band flew to London to start recording, from twenty four might to twenty five June. a lot of concerts in Europe and North America followed before the band came back on nine January 1973 to finish the album.


The Dark Side of the Moon designed upon experiments Pink Floyd had tried in their previous live shows and recordings, however it lacks the extended instrumental excursions that, in keeping with critic David Fricke, had become characteristic of the band following institution member Syd Barrett's departure in 1968. Gilmour, Barrett's replacement, later stated those instrumentals as "that psychedelic noodling stuff". He and Waters cited 1971's interfere as a turning purpose towards what would be complete on the album. The Dark Side of the Moon's lyrical themes embody conflict, greed, the passage of your time, death and psychopathy, the latter galvanized partly by Barrett's deteriorating psychological state. The album contains musique concrète on many tracks.

Each side of the album may be a continuous piece of music. The 5 tracks on either side mirror varied stages of human life, starting and ending with a heartbeat, exploring the character of the human expertise and, in keeping with Waters, "empathy". "Speak to Me" and "Breathe" along highlight the mundane and futile components of life that accompany the present threat of madness, and therefore the importance of living one's own life – "Don't be afraid to care". By shifting the scene to Associate in Nursing landing field, the synthesiser-driven instrumental "On the Run" evokes the strain and anxiety of contemporary travel, specially Wright's concern of flying. "Time" examines the style during which its passage will management one's life and offers a stark warning to those that stay centered on mundane pursuits; it's followed by a retreat into solitude and withdrawal in "Breathe (Reprise)". the primary aspect of the album ends with Wright and vocaliser Clare Torry's emotional figure of speech for death, "The nice Gig within the Sky".

Opening with the sound of money registers and loose amendment, the primary track on aspect 2, "Money", mocks greed and consumerism victimisation tongue-in-cheek lyrics and cash-related sound effects. "Money" became the foremost commercially booming track, and has been coated by many artists in consequent years. "Us and Them" addresses the isolation of the depressed with the symbolism of conflict and therefore the use of straightforward dichotomies to explain personal relationships. "Any color You Like" tackles the illusion of alternative one has in society. "Pick any color you wish, they are all blue". "Brain Damage" appearance at a psychopathy ensuing from the elevation of fame and success higher than the wants of the self; specially, the road "and if the band you are in starts enjoying completely different tunes" reflects the mental breakdown of former bandmate Syd Barrett. The album ends with "Eclipse", that espouses the ideas of alterity and unity, whereas forcing the beholder to recognise the common traits shared by humanity.

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