The Money Masters

The Money Masters is a three 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political organization that rules our nation and also the world these days.

The modern political organization has its roots within the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and alternative sorts of cash.

The development of incomplete reserve banking practices within the seventeenth century dropped at a crafty sophistication the key techniques at the start employed by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth.

With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of European country in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned "central" bank was 1st forced upon the backs of a complete nation, not removed however solely created heavier with the passing of the 3 centuries to our day.

Nation when nation, as well as America, has fallen prey to the current cabal of international central bankers.

BASEL I. In 1988 a faceless , un-elected cluster of bankers met in urban center, European country at the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”) – the “Central Banker’s bank” that even Swiss authorities might not enter – and in their “Basel I accords” in agreement to a group of minimum capital needs (8%) for banks. This was variety fine for a few banks, however more than what was in situ for France and particularly Japanese banks. to boost additional capital to achieve the V-day level, French and Japanese banks had to cut back loans, inflicting a recession in France and a depression in Japan, one from that Japan has ne'er totally recovered.

BASEL II. In 2004, an equivalent cluster met and in agreement to urban center II (“The come of urban center I”)– that needed banks to worth their capital supported market values, or “mark-to-the-market.” These rules were approved for the America on Hallowmass, 2007. The declining housing market go off a series reaction due partly to urban center II that banks knew was returning and constricted credit in anticipation of. subsequent month, December, 2007 the securities market folded and also the nice Recession began in earnest. this could are no surprise to the japanese, nor to the BIS bankers. Full implementation of urban center II was later delayed within the America till 2009. urban center II has been cursed  for really increasing the impact of the housing crisis as banks had to cut back disposition to extend their capital because the worth of mortgages they hold declined. This created a downhill snowball impact on home costs so on nearly everything else as disposition and also the economy contractile.

BASEL III. Not content with 2 huge regulative failures, an equivalent bankers have currently created urban center III (“The Revenge of urban center I & II”). Like urban center I & II, urban center III will increase capital needs once more, in a very series of steps starting in 2013 with the beginning of the gradual phasing-in of the upper minimum capital needs not completed till 2018. The BIS bankers have obligatory this and area unit forcing their home governments to urge in line, as has the united kingdom, the America and most alternative developed nations. it's really a worldwide rule by central bankers acting in concert/cabal.

An OECD study estimates that the medium-term harmful impact of urban center III implementation on value growth is within the vary of −0.05% to −0.15% each year – simply what’s required in a very worldwide recession! to satisfy the capital needs effective in 2015 banks area unit calculable to wish to extend their disposition spreads on the average by concerning .15%. The capital needs effective as of 2019 may increase bank disposition spreads by concerning .5%. Rising interest rates may considerably hurt little bank capital positions as a result of a third upward swing in interest rates may drop a bank’s capital by half-hour, inserting the bank in associate degree undercapitalized position, forcing it dramatically to cut back loans. Again, the downhill snowball impact.

The planned urban center III regulative capital needs area unit associate degree vast and surplus burden which will really threaten the existence of banks with below $1billion in assets. These new laws can any drive consolidation into many larger banks. Some on Wall Street, like mergers and acquisitions professional John isopod, predict that urban center III’s compliance prices can cause a merger boom, which within the next 3-5 years 20-30 % of all banks can merge, any consolidating wealth in fewer and fewer hands. that's the thing – world bank/economic and thence political management by a couple of un-elected, unaccountable, international bankers obligated to nobody, several of whom have ethics solely Machiavelli may admire and worldviews that the majority individuals on earth would think about repugnant.

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