The Panama Deception

Years before the America went after Saddam Hussein, the White House had Manuel Noriega, another former ally, in its sights.

In their Oscar-winning documentary, director Barbara river and writer/editor David Kasper (Cover Up: Behind the Persia Contra Affair) distinction media coverage of the 1989 invasion with knowledgeable testimony.

The filmmakers return to America's turn-of-the-century takeover of the Panama Canal--and volatile aftermath--before flashing forward to the progressive Carter era. once the CIA-supported Noriega involves power, reform offers thanks to repression, and President demand the dictator's ouster.

His successor, Bush, brings within the troops. it might be one issue if they solely targeted military facilities, however witnesses claim troopers conjointly unemployed on civilians and residential property (a Pentagon spokesperson denies the accusation).

Depending on the supply, casualties ranged from 250 to four,000. Narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery, Panama Deception was shot on video--and appearance it--but content is king.

The Panama Deception may be a 1992 yank picture that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The film is crucial of the actions of the U.S. military throughout the 1989 invasion of Panama, covering the conflicting reasons for the invasion. It conjointly highlights media bias among the us, showing events that were unreported or consistently misreported, as well as the downplaying of the amount of civilian casualties. it absolutely was directed by Barbara river, written and emended by David Kasper, and narrated by histrion Elizabeth Montgomery. it absolutely was a production of the authorisation Project.

The film asserts that the U.S. government invaded Panama so as to destroy the PDF, the Panamanian Defense Forces, that were perceived as a threat to U.S. management over Panama, and install a government which might be friendly to U.S. interests. The film includes footage of mass graves uncovered when the yank troops had withdrawn and pictures of burned-down neighborhoods, alludes to the utilization of beam and different experimental weapons, and presents depictions of a number of the twenty,000 refugees World Health Organization fled the fighting.

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