Tinder: A Predators' Playground

This feature delves into the usually unseen, dark side of dating apps, specifically Tinder. Tinder is arguably one of the most popular dating apps around. In this technology era, it has reinvented the way people meet, interact and date. Its 'swipe right' feature makes it beyond simple to get a feel of connection in a time when face-to-face connections may not be so easy to come by. Even their advertising poses a picture of possibility. A simple swipe could mean a happily ever after, who could resist?

Still, things are not always what they seem, and they are certainly not always as simple as one would hope. We are able to view different sides of the story when several women share their personal stories of connecting on the app with varying goals for the progression of the relationship.

Naturally, some women search for simple connections and not necessarily long-term relationships. However, for the predatory men who make women their victims, the goals of these women do not matter. In most cases, these unsuspecting women fall prey to men who seem otherwise respectable based on their profiles. Whether it is after a single date or several months of courting, the men subject their victims to incidences of rape, humiliation, not to mention the long-term mental health effects.

It really delves into how something that is used for connection can be used so irresponsibly and dangerously. It explores some of the features of the app that users can utilize to try to safeguard against others who may want to cause them harm. However, it also assesses the effectiveness of these features and others that make it easy for perpetrators to repeat their crimes.

It explores the avenues of redress for the victims and some of the typical consequences for the perpetrators. It raises the question of what the true cost of these connections are, not only in terms of the company's bottom line, but in terms of the cost for victims. It is both an educational feature and an entertaining one.

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