The Shameless Facade of Dan Bilzerian

In an age where one's entire persona can be curated and presented in an online package, a social media profile can seem like perfection looking in from the outside. This is how men like Dan Bilzerian are able to foster appreciation and fame among a cohort of up to millions of followers worldwide. In his specific case, he enjoyed both fame and infamy, the reality behind each perception being a fascinating tale of family criminal history, daring escapades and barefaced fabrications.

The story might seem familiar. A trust fund baby courts attention by flashing "his" wealth, toys, and fast lifestyle in the face of millions. Bilzerian is more interesting than the norm because rather than seeming to run amok of the law, like his father was implicated to have done, he apparently has some modicum of discipline, enough to at least have become a Navy SEAL (or so he claims).

Also, his wealth allegedly comes from him playing poker. His penchant for guns, massive vehicles and travelling with tons of gorgeous women are all a part of his life "set-up". Additionally, he founded an international brand in an edgy industry: cannabis. The average viewer would likely give someone with such an interesting profile more than just a cursory scroll.

This feature delves into this interesting persona and tries to uncover the truth behind the facade. Interviews and news reports delve into what actually happened with his father and with his family and how they came by their wealth. His authenticity as a SEAL is also brought into question. It explores the plausibility of Bilzerian's claim that he made his money from poker and his eventual attempt at becoming a businessman. Some of his other interesting and widely speculated on adventures are also mentioned.

With such a colorful profile, the feature is surely an interesting exploration. Fast-paced and glitzy, it is surely interesting to see the less-explored version of the popular image. It will surely spark some commentary on the very recent phenomena of cultivating a life that is, for all intents and purposes, unreal and what happens when reality actually sets in.

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